Bookkeeping simple and easy

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  • Easy to use

    Get up and going in no time. We have pre-formatted your account categories so you can start immediately. And you can add to that list at anytime. Just have your transactions handy, select either "Add Income" or "Add Expenses" and you're up and running. And it won't be long before your hard work is rewarded with easy to read reports.

  • Visually Intuitive

    Whether you have had experience in bookkeeping or not, you will find our interface visually intuitive to use. Most functions are under your finger tips and the Control centre allows you to see what's happening as you go. Screen to screen and menu interaction is kept to a minimum as you'll find most of the functionality in our main control centre.

  • Great Reporting

    Select from our Range of Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Reports. Transaction Reports are easily editable to fix any problem you come across. Graphical displays show your results in visual form to allow you to identify inconsistencies or trading issues. Spot trends and become more informed.