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Breakeven - it’s a “word” thrown around a fair bit, but what exactly is it? ...... Breakeven is the level of sales you need to achieve in order to cover your costs.  So if your costs are $100,000 for the year - you can calculate breakeven beforehand and know that you ne ... read more
Why take all of your accounting information to the world wide web???,  that’s the question often posed to our office.  On the face of it, I would generally say “why bother”, but the reality is there are some considerable benefits for having your data “on the web ... read more
Continuing on from Part 1….   For those that don’t sell goods at a margin then simply knock out a budget for the next 12 months and “presto”, you’ll know what sales numbers you need to aim for. Just bring them back to a number you can readily understand and ... read more
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