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Bank Reconciliations Why bother with bank reconciliation?  Often a tedious task that most struggle with.  So why bother?  Actually you need to put a bank reconciliation into perspective, understand its purpose and then decide whether it is appropriate for you to undertake.  Ca ... read more
There is often confusion as to what constitutes an expense.  And that confusion is usually a result of the paradigm that Taxation creates.   So as a general rule when we think of expenses we think of what taxation authorities allow us to deduct.  Foremost though, you need to ... read more
Breakeven - it’s a “word” thrown around a fair bit, but what exactly is it? ...... Breakeven is the level of sales you need to achieve in order to cover your costs.  So if your costs are $100,000 for the year - you can calculate breakeven beforehand and know that you ne ... read more
Should I pay myself a wage? is a question often asked by small business people.  And the obvious answer is a great big “yes”.  There are actually two issues here:        1.      How big or small should it be, and       ... read more
Why take all of your accounting information to the world wide web???,  that’s the question often posed to our office.  On the face of it, I would generally say “why bother”, but the reality is there are some considerable benefits for having your data “on the web ... read more
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